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Information session 19 février 2018

Information session

Soirée d'information 19 février 2018

Soirée d'information

Ça mijote dans la cuisine d’ESCEB 23 novembre 2017

Ça mijote dans la cuisine d’ESCEB

Something is Stirring in ESCEB’s Kitchen

Dual Credit courses are being offered by Collège Boréal in the kitchen at École secondaire catholique Élisabeth-Bruyère. Duel Credit courses are specialized courses offered by colleges; they give high school students the opportunity to get college credits and high school credits simultaneously. This year, in Mattawa, “Bonne bouffe, belle bouffe” and “Techniques de pâtisserie et de boulangerie” are being offered to 9 students, 4 of which are students of ESCEB. The other students travel to Mattawa from North Bay and Sturgeon Falls on the days the classes are offered. ESCEB is proud to put its industrial kitchen to good use and to have an alumni teaching the classes for Collège Boréal: Chelsea Gélinas.


Rencontre des parents 13 octobre 2017

Rencontre des parents

Rencontre des parents

Apprendre des experts 9 octobre 2017

Apprendre des experts